Re: Hello.....anyone know anything about band-in-a-box's add-on..soloist disk

David Bailey <dhbailey@...> wrote:

dear group:

I am thinking to get some of the add-ons that PGmusic has to
offer...butnevertheless, I am thinking about the soloist feature in
band-in-a-box...(version 7..that's what i have now)'s nice, but
that as good as I'd hoped...^^ thus, I am interesting to try the
soloist disk set2 and set3...anyone have any idea? Maybe you can tell
me the difference between disk #1 what's included in the pro version
of band-in-a-box and set2 and set3....

best wishes,

Band-in-a-bos user*
First off, I would recommend that you upgrade to version 10, because
version 8 added some special new features with the drums (more realistic
sounding), and if you did that you could upgrade to the megapak which
includes ALL styles disks and ALL soloist disks. And since you are
already talking about spending $60 for the two soloist disks, it would
be worth it to get ALL the extra stuff.

With that said, if you choose not to upgrade, you definitely should get
those two soloist disks. The stuff that came built-in with version 7
was sort of a tease to show us what might be possible, but it needed
greater resources to really do great work. The soloist disks have
"large" soloist files, which means there is more information for the
program to work with in creating solos.

You will definitely like the results with the soloist disks far better
than what version 7 creates on its own.


David H. Bailey

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