Re: Jgsolos - New upload to files section


Hi Everyone,
For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Jgsolos subdirectory in
BIAB, Most of these demo songs have the actual chord progresions for
some of the great jazz standards. PGMusic can not provide the melody
for copy right reasons. They've also renamed the styles.
These are the same songs that are in PG's Master Jazz Guitar Solos.
With a little effort on your part, You can edit these demo songs and
turn them back into the original jazz standards. A list is now
available in the Files section.

For example:I used GS012 CHANSON and edited it back to Ipanema.
1st:I used L_BOSMED.STY (which is the same as the GS051.STY)
2nd:I swapped the Melody and Soloist tracks
(the demo melody becomes the counter melody)(kinda cool, huh?)
3rd:I changed the Soloist Instrument (I used Acc Grand Piano)
4th:I entered the Melody notes for Ipanema

I have uploaded to the DavesSeq section of the files
directory. You should be able to do the other songs in Jgsolos using
a similar technique.

Dave Price

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