Re: Saving piano/bass/drum parts?

Janice McDonald <janice21475@...>

Hello Heath,

You didn't mention why you wanted to step edit the
parts. If it is to correct misleading tones and tune
up your song why not use a Finetuned style to begin
with? There is no need to edit songs made using our
styles to correct anything.

We are having a March Madness sale now and there is a
tremendous savings to be had. Each style is
demonstrated so you can hear exactly what you will
get. All the demo's were done entirely in BIAB and
straight to MIDI. No editing at all.

Hope this helps,
Chuck and Janice are Finetuned
--- wrote:

Is there some way to save rhythm section parts in
BB10? I would like to
be able to step edit in these parts sometimes and
save them.
Unfortunately, each time I push play BB rewrites its
own parts.

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