Re: Saving piano/bass/drum parts?

David Bailey <dhbailey@...> wrote:

Is there some way to save rhythm section parts in BB10? I would like to
be able to step edit in these parts sometimes and save them.
Unfortunately, each time I push play BB rewrites its own parts.
Save the song as a midi file, then edit it in a sequencer program such
as Cakewalk or PowerTracksPro.

Since the main use of BiaB is to create the parts in the first place, it
really isn't designed to serve as a sequencer program to let you step
edit the created parts. And once you have an arrangement you like, you
don't need BB anymore for that song, so saving it as a midi file and
moving to an application which allows easier editing is a wise thing to
do, to save aggravation.

David H. Bailey

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