Re: BIAB Arrangements - Are very flowery, too Busy - Can they be 'pared' down?

Mark Waysman

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... what I notice is that almost all the arrangements are very very flowery - in other words - they play way way TOO many notes...
- they are all too BUSY

Remember - as a musician - it is not the notes you play - but the ones you leave out!

I am SO pleased to see this message from you. That has always been my number one peeve about BIAB -- but I thought I was the only one with this issue. I wish that every single style played 20% of the notes that it does now. It is as if the styles are are all geared to be full instrumental arrangements and don't seem to take a vocalist into account at all. Especially the drum patterns -- WAY too busy. I rarely use all instruments in any given style. I wish for a whole set of minimal arrangements in various styles. I once (many years back) put it on the BIAB wishlist, but saw no response... The REAL TRACKS are also all programmed to be very busy. I really don't get it.


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