Re: Biab with Solid State Drive (SSD)?

Clif Davis <clifton@...>

Belatedly, and after finding the original thread, it occurs to me that you
are asking what a Solid State Drive is. Basically, its a piece of hardware
with a lot of memory pretending to be a disk drive. It's a lot faster than
getting the bits off of a spinning magnetic disk, but it costs more.

As was pointed out in the original thread, BIAB is not doing anything so
fast that a Solid State drive will actually increase the program's speed by
any noticeable amount. So for BIAB there is not much advantage to using a
SSD (Solid State Drive). On the other hand, there are a lot of programs for
which using a SSD will produce an amazing speed-up. The question is how much
of its time a program usually spends reading and writing to disk.

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can this be translated into English? :)
Can what be translated into English? What are you asking? If this is a
reply to another message it would be helpful to quote it.

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