Re: Need Help Recording Audio

D F Tweedie

OK ... you've come along way.

BTW ... the crazy little trick of not hitting the 'OK' button that is mentioned in the link to the post on ASIO in the forum link I sent to you worked for me!

As far as the 1/16 th lag goes ... keep trying to set the buffer a little bit lower at a time. You should be able to have it run at at least 512 bits, which is about a 12 msec delay and should be almost undetectable ... 256 is better! This of course will depend on the power of your computer. Try to 'strip' your computer down to the bare bones when using it for music by making sure all 'back ground' programs like virus checkers, things in the 'sys' tray, other programs in the background, etc. are closed.

You haven't mentioned your Operating System or whether you have an audio interface. If you are on XP there are a lot of resources on the web to help you optimize operating systems.

Finally, if you want a real fast track crash course on digital audio and the home studio go to and look at the tutorials. While the guy flogs gear for ZZounds, his information is comprehensive and stellar.


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