Re: Need Help Recording Audio

D F Tweedie

Hmmm ... when you note the version of ASIO ... you don't say whose it is. Is this left over from your Cakewalk? Or is it ASIO4All? The later is free and is somewhere in version 3, I believe. In the options setting boxes when you choose and ASIO driver, it will tell you the name ... although there are some generic windows ones that just have a descriptive name like 'Full Duplex" or something like that.

I don't want this to sound condescending ... but since on these forums you seldom know the other persons knowledge base ... don't confuse midi with midi hardware. You are using midi in BIAB, whether with the settings to use the system softsynth or if you have elected to use the VSC or some other softsynth in the options set up panel. I say this because BIAB is simply sending midi notes to those instruments. If you pulled the midi file, once you were happy with it, out of BIAB and imported it to Cakewalk ( or Reaper or any DAW) you would be doing the exact same thing as you are doing in BIAB ... using midi tracks to trigger a softsynth. Except! Now, depending on the horsepower of your computer, you could have more control over the midi and the lower latency you'd require to sing along as the song plays and record with it staying in sync.

Best of luck.


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