Re: Need Help Recording Audio

D F Tweedie

There are some problems with ASIO even in the latest versions. What version do you have? Do you have Real Band or any other sequencer/ daw program?

If you don't you should take a look at Reaper. Just google "Cockos Reaper." It is a very sophisticated program that you can download and use a totally uncrippled, untime-limited version. They only aske that after 60 days you pay $60.00 on the honor system. It is without question the best deal out there.

For current discussion of BIAB and ASIO issues, see the link below.

I don't think it defeats the purpose. BIAB's strength is as an auto arrangement tool. It's added a lot of little bells and whistles on to that basic idea ... but almost all of them, including working with midi, can be done better in other programs.
Remember, when you are listening to a BIAB song, you are really just listening to midi. BIAB has a proprietary file system, but underlying that is midi.


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