Re: Non GM banks and VST's (ie: Luxonix Purity) and BIAB

D F Tweedie

But I can only get it to work for for the solo and melody tracks - Is this by design?

Anyone know???
Yes, It is I. LOL

The possible advantage of using a 'save as' style, take a Cumbia for example, is that you might want to use the GM 'tango accordion' patch as a default each time instead of a piano or other keys.. You then simply copy the style file, paste it back in the folder, rename it to your liking, open it and edit the style patch property.

Now you have a template, still GM, that might be closer to the general way you want to work ... without having to deal with patches you don't like or want or a style you otherwise would like to use.

As far as going beyond GM, whether or not you could put in a bank select message, I don't know.

There is more than one way to skin a cat.


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