Re: Non GM banks and VST's (ie: Luxonix Purity) and BIAB

D F Tweedie

David ...

I've tried to get help with this on the PG Music forums ... and while I've followed the instructions to make an advanced patch map, I've not had a lot of luck. One thing that I'm still a little unclear about is whether you have to manually reload that patch map each time ... or whether you can get the program to default to it. Could you please clarify?

However, even if this 'works' (and with a little help, I can get it working!) it does not really change the basic problem with how BIAB works in resetting to the 'styles' default patches in Drum, Piano, Guitar and Strings.

It is true with the patch map you now would now have an alternate 'permanent' assignment ... but as far as auditioning different patches ... say you had several different guitar patches you wanted to try ... you are still out of luck.

Normally in any sequencing program (I own 4 including Cubase 5 and have demoed all that run on a PC) once you have your midi tracks lined up with channel and 'instrument' assigned, you can near instantly audition different patches without losing any settings on the other tracks. Even when midi files have bank select and/ or program changes written in, you can either instruct the sequencer to filter out those messages or set your 'instrument' to disregard them.

So, I think 'quirky, eccentric and cumbersome' is a fair assessment of 'upper bank' functions in BIAB, while not for a moment forgetting where the program is brilliant: auto arranging.


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