Re: Non GM banks and VST's (ie: Luxonix Purity) and BIAB

David H. Bailey

D F Tweedie wrote:
Since I'm also new to BIAB ... about 6 weeks into it ...
I really appreciate the 'Alt+F2' tip. But it is a 'song'
The bottom line is that you can't really make system
changes so that any time you load a song or start a new
one it plays that great acoustic piano patch you have on
your softsynth or hardware. So, cumbersome is the word.

Actually that's not true -- you can define your own patch
map. Under the Opt. menu, click on Utilities and at the
bottom of the next submenu is an option Make an Advanced
Patch Map. When you select that you are presented with a
dialog where you can define any patch on your playback
device or softsynth to be called for any instrument within
the GM listing. So if your superb piano sound is on a bank
where you need to set the LSB to 16 and the patch you want
is number 89, you can define that for what BIAB calls
Acoustic Piano 1. Then any style which calls for Acoustic
Piano will use what you've defined for that sound.

David H. Bailey

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