Re: Non GM banks and VST's (ie: Luxonix Purity) and BIAB

D F Tweedie

Since I'm also new to BIAB ... about 6 weeks into it ... I really appreciate the 'Alt+F2' tip. But it is a 'song' technique.

The bottom line is that you can't really make system changes so that any time you load a song or start a new one it plays that great acoustic piano patch you have on your softsynth or hardware. So, cumbersome is the word.

BIAB was designed with GM and GM2 in mind only. It is a quirky, eccentric program with some stellar features unmatched by other sequencing software, i.e., 'auto arranging.' But if you're used to modern sequencers, BIAB doesn't even appear to try to keep up with normal programming features. In fact, it seems like most of the development energy from PG Music goes into Real Band, their sequencing platform. A real shame that BIAB doesn't remain their first and highest priority.


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