Re: Non GM banks and VST's (ie: Luxonix Purity) and BIAB

David H. Bailey wrote:
Thanks kindly... very helpful....
I can now get the melody and solo track to play sounds from any bank in the VST... though I have to say that the method to do this is very cumbersome
Maybe I am missing something...
Shouldn't I be able to just choose a Bank and LSB right from the main screen for any track?
Whenever I do this - as soon as I choose a patch # from the drop down list - the Bank and LSB go back to zero.
(So is manually editing the Patch in the Opt|Channel prefs the only way????)
Also Am I correct that you cannot choose patches outside of GM and GM2 for the other tracks (piano/bass/strings etc...)???
Can anyone help?
A patch is just a patch -- it's a number. You can define your own GM patch map so that any named patch can point to any numbered patch on your device (or soft-synth). You're right that you should be able to choose Bank and LSB from the main screen for any bank, but the instant you click Play it goes back to the data provided by the style. What you can do is to set those as you want them, then hit alt-F2 to bring up the Save With Patches dialog, then when that song reloads each time, those patches you set should still be set.

David H. Bailey

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