Re: Coyote's ForteDXi Registration Key

D F Tweedie

On a MicroSoft OS, it will be in the registry.

Go to 'run' from the start menu, type in 'regedit' and then when the window opens at the top drop down you will see 'edit.' Click this and one of the options is 'find.'  Hit this button and then just type in Coyote or the name of the synth manufacturer and keep going through the searches. You should probably go on line for detailed instruction, but eventually you should find 'key' in the data search. You need to click on this (right I think) and you will see 'modify.' Open this (BUT DON'T MODIFY) and you should find the value for the registration code string ... what you need to register/ authorize the program on your other computer.

My instructions may not be 100% exact ... why I tell you to check online for the method ... but they should give you enough info to figure the rest out. At any rate, this is where the information will be stored on your old computer.

This is of course true for all serial numbers, authorization or registration codes, etc.


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