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I'm a jazz pianist looking for play-along jazz exercises, such as ii-V-I V7 cycles, etc. , ala Jamey Aebersold, but in a MIDI format.
Does Band-in-a-Box give me this capability out of the box, or how much time would it take to create such exercises with BINAB?

Creating an exercise like this would take about a minute in Band-in-a-Box. Simply type the chord changes in, pick a tempo and style and click play.

Can I print out music with BINAB?

Yes. The music is very readable but not as good as you would get from a dedicated music publishing program like Finale or Encore.

The main advantage of the Abersold disks over BiaB are the arrangements. They are slick and very song specific.

While the very good arrangements in Band-in-a-Box are more generic, IMHO, the BiaB advantages more than make up for the non song specific arrangements. Here are just a few: You can change the key with a click of the mouse (without changing tempo) ... You can change the tempo from largo to presto with a click of the mouse (without changing the pitch) ... You can change the style of the song ... You can pick a problem section for you and repeat it a couple of dozen times without any glitching ... You can mute any of the parts (in your case the piano) with a mouse click ... You can change the notation style so it reads Roman Numerals (ii - V7 - I) instead of the chord symbols ... etc.

Since you don't have Band-in-a-Box, why not listen to some of the arrangements? I have a page full of MIDI files that have been made with Band-in-a-Box and my 3rd party, aftermarket styles. Each MIDI file was exported from Band-in-a-Box and not one note was changed after exporting. In other words, "what you hear is what you get." To listen, go to

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