Re: New poll for Band-in-a-Box


Hi all its me again.

I was going to answer the Reed rant but Norton did it quite

All I can say is its just my opinion and as a "customer" all I really
want is for my "supplier" to communicate their intentions to me!
That's why I always register when I purchase a product. How much
trouble would it have been for PG music to send out an email to all
registered users? They didn't send any notice until we (mac users)
kept posting on their site. Then they answered with a "its in the
works". A lack of communication like this is one of the main reasons
your customer base will decline, after all we are talking about
over two years here. They (your customer) simply will go somewhere

I agree its not a PC Vs Mac thing and I never intended it to be other
then to give the example of how a "customer" feels when there is no
communication at all from his "supplier".

BAIB 8 will serve me perfectly well for what I need it for and it will
be the last version I will buy however if by chance I do purchase a
newer version (which is unlikely but you never should say never) it
would be the PC version and I will run it under my "Softwindows 95"
which is how I run Acid Pro now.

You all have expressed your opinions very well and I respect them.

By the way, Bob (Norton) if PG Music ran their business like you run
yours they would go up a peg or two on my rating scale. I purchased a
few styles a few years back and sent a few people your way also.
Everyone always had good things to say about dealing with you and you
have always been quick to respond.

After all is said and done its all about making music and how many
little things added to a program sometimes just get in the way of

Time to go back to work. :-)



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