Re: New poll for Band-in-a-Box



As a warning to all, I am now on my soap box. :-)

In regards to taking a poll to see if a manufacturer (PG Music) of a
product (BIAB) should support its users/customers.

As the guy on TV say's "Give me a Break!"

The biggest complaint (and I have quite a few about PG music) that I
have with PG music is there has not been any comunication from them in
regards to upgrades. Its been over two years! They charged me as a Mac
user the same price and do not provide the same service as the PC

If they are not going to provide equal customer service for their
product all they need to do is let me know and I will take my business
elsewhere. After all that is the best way to get your message across.

So let me ask this. If the rolls were reversed and the PC version
lagged behind the Mac version, how would you all feel about PG music?

I have been a registered user for about 8 years (Atari day's). In that
time the only comunication I have received from PG music is an answer
to my feedback on their website about this very subject and even then
it took them a few weeks. Its to bad there isn't any other program
like this since competion would bring better service.

I am off the soapbox now.

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