Re: New poll for Band-in-a-Box

Bob "Notes" Norton

Bob "Notes" Norton said:
You can get Password Pro at many shareware sites or by going to and downloading it. I think the registration was
only $9.95 (paid it a long time ago, so it might have changed) and in you
want, you can password protect your password file. Then you can call up the
password file and use it to recall your various passwords and user names.
I am sure there are other shareware programs out there that also do the
same thing.
Richard Whitehouse responded:
Well, maybe so, but IMHO, it's just too much trouble. The way I see it,
if someone wants me to vote on a poll, I'm doing them a favour by going
there and voting, so they should make it as easy for me as possible.
And "Notes" adds.

I vote in the polls using the same password that I sign in with. I needed
the password to join the group, saved it in Password Pro, and when voting
time came around, I opened password pro, signed in and voted.

I could be wrong, but I don't think you can join this group without
registering a user name and password, and if you remember that name and
password, you can vote in the polls, post and do other things you cannot do
without entering the name and password.

Although a slight hassle, signing in with your group name and password does
benefit us in one way. Only group members are allowed to post, upload and
vote. That keeps the spammers away. One trip to the usenet (newsgroup) group will illustrate what I
mean. For every post about Band-in-a-Box there are usually up to a dozen
posts about getting rich quick (it's legal, really), come see my xxx
pictures, refinance your house at zero percent interest, erase your bad
credit, find out anything about anybody, etc. You have all read the
subjects (and hopefully not opened the spam, it only encourages them when
you respond).

I also noticed that by using your user name and password, you can only vote
once. Since I use a Mac and a PC, I tried to enter both in the poll, and
the software wouldn't let me do that. I clicked Mac, then PC and instead of
adding another vote, it just changed my vote. So by using your name and
password, it keeps an unscrupulous person from "stuffing the ballot box" --
no hanging chads here ;-)

So although having to sign in with your already chosen user name and
password (you cannot post without it) may be a bit of a hassle, IMO it
provides two very useful functions. I would rather type in that name and
password than read a bunch of inappropriate spam posts or look at a poll
that has been stuffed to the point of such inaccuracy that it is not valid.

Just my .00000000002ยข worth

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Bob "Notes" Norton
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