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At 12:34 AM 2/14/01 -0300, "Miguel Correa" <>wrote:

Now I can see that I'm not alone fighting spammers.
There is a good site that can help us all fight spammers. Their software
usually finds out where the mail is coming from (not the forged e-mail
address), and then reports the violation to the spammer's Internet
provider. Quite often that gets them kicked off the server. While this
doesn't stop them, it slows them down a bit. is the website. The service is free, but there are some
low cost upgrades you can get that will filter your mail for you. I choose
the free service.

Plus if everybody would never-ever-under-any-circumstances buy something
that arrived in their in-box unsolicited, it wouldn't be worth anybody's
time to spam. No matter how much you want, need or love whatever they are
selling, just say "No" to spam.

I think that PG Music is a really serious company, and I didn't never
suspect that they has given my email address... so what? *sight*
I write third party (after-market) user styles for Band-in-a-Box. PG Music
approves of what I am doing and they like my styles so much that they have
referred hundreds of customers to me for additional styles. I have been
trying to rent PG Music's mailing list (snail mail) for years, but Peter
Gannon flatly refuses to sell, rent or give away any information about his
customers. I feel certain that if he won't rent the names to me, he isn't
going to rent or sell them to anybody.

I also have that same policy. Any information given to Norton music stays
at Norton Music. I go as far as to keep all customer information on
removable drives. That way even if a hacker comes to visit me and bypasses
my security, there is nothing for him to steal. The computer I use to go
on-line with has no customer or Norton Music sensitive information on it.

If somebody is selling or renting your personal information, it is a safe
bet that it is neither PG Music nor Norton Music.

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