Re: New poll for Band-in-a-Box

Bob 'Notes' Norton <norton@...>

At 08:16 AM 2/13/01 -0500, Richard Whitehouse <> wrote:
To vote, please visit the following web page:
I went there and tried to vote, but the site wanted me to "join". What is
with this current mania for making people join web pages all over the
place? I have way too many usernames and passwords to keep track of allready.

My policy is, if the site wants me to 'sign up', or 'join', I'm gone.
One good reason for making you join before you can participate, is to keep
the spammers and other "outsiders" out of the group.

You can get Password Pro at many shareware sites or by going to and downloading it. I think the registration was
only $9.95 (paid it a long time ago, so it might have changed) and in you
want, you can password protect your password file. Then you can call up the
password file and use it to recall your various passwords and user names.

I am sure there are other shareware programs out there that also do the
same thing.

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