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Bob 'Notes' Norton <norton@...>

At 12:09 PM 2/13/01 +0000, David Shannon <> wrote:
My qestion... I've tried loading the styles on my mac
[OS 9, Biab v8] but it sees them as PC files. Why
would it see the songs as Biab files and not the
styles and how could I make the styles work on my mac?
Macs are funny animals (I own a Mac and a PC, so I can say that). Before
you can use a file on a Mac, it needs some "Header Information" on the file.

The header information tells the Mac OS which program is associated with
which file. In the 1980's this was a great idea and made the Mac easier to
use. Today, it is outdated and a minor pain and makes the Mac a little more
difficult to use. The PC and other followers use a different method (file
extensions). The Mac planners do not want to (or cannot) change their file
format to what has become the "standard-of-the-industry", so we are left
with this minor irritation.

In the old days of Apple File Exchange, you needed to use ResEdit or Norton
Utilities to get the header on the file. Now you can use PC Exchange. I am
using OS 7.1.6 and don't know if things have changed so I won't give you
step by step instructions.

But you do need to change the type and creator. Type should read STYL and
the creator should read BB40. Some versions of File Exchange let you choose
Band-in-a-Box instead of BB40.

The good news is that once you figure out how to set up PC Exchange for
these file types, you can forget it (I did) until you get a new computer,
they you will have to figure it out again.

Although I own a Mac, I am not a Mac guru (I prefer the PC) so perhaps
someone else in this group can explain it more thoroughly.

Bob "Notes" Norton

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