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At 04:31 PM 1/21/01 +0000, you wrote:
Has anyone any tips on organising styles ? I would like to put
together an FAQ for newbies on styles.

My thoughts and understanding (please tell me if I'm wrong!)

1. All styles must be stored in the Band-in-a-Box root directory so
the program can find them (c:&#92;bb).
Most definitely. Although you can use styles from anywhere by using the
menu command and changing the folder, the style picker window (STY button)
will not find them unless they are in the root directory.

2. To incorporate new styles into Band-in-a-Box, edit the bbw.lst,
which also must be placed in the Band-in-a-Box root directory so the
program can find it (c:&#92;bb). To quote from PG Music's FAQ:
There is a new way to organize styles in version 9.0c or higher of
Band-in-a-Box. You can use .ls3 files. The ls3 files are text files and
they allow the extra information like tempo, swing or even, to be displayed
in the STY window.

The beauty of the .ls3 file is that when PG Music releases a new disk and
therefore replaces the bbw.lst file, the new disk will not erase your extra
styles as it will not replace your ls3 file.

The bad part is that if you have the version 10 Mega Pack, or all the PG
Music styles, PG has exceeded the limit of files allowed in the style
picker window already. Neither my styles nor anybody else's will fit. I
have informed Peter Gannon and the tech department about this problem and
they are working on it. I suspect they will release a 10.* update on their
web site someday.

Somewhere I have some information about how to build an ls3 file. If there
is any interest, let me know and I'll be happy to post it.

Bob "Notes" Norton
owner, Norton Music

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