Any tips on organising styles ?

Alisdair MacRae Birch <alisdair@...>


Has anyone any tips on organising styles ? I would like to put
together an FAQ for newbies on styles.

My thoughts and understanding (please tell me if I'm wrong!)

1. All styles must be stored in the Band-in-a-Box root directory so
the program can find them (c:&#92;bb).

2. To incorporate new styles into Band-in-a-Box, edit the bbw.lst,
which also must be placed in the Band-in-a-Box root directory so the
program can find it (c:&#92;bb). To quote from PG Music's FAQ:

You may edit this file to change the information, add/remove styles

Any line beginning with a semicolon ";" is a comment
Lines beginning with ~ indicate a new category like jazz, country,
Lines beginning with @ are a description of a style in the format
a=style file name eg. zzjazzsw.sty (max. 8 chars + .sty )
b= Long Style Name e.g. Jazz Swing Style (max. 32 chars)
c = memo
d= examples of songs that can be played in this style
c and d combined can be max. 255 chars, e.g. c could be 200 chars and
d could be 50.

Each style description must be on one-line, carriage returns are not
allowed in the middle of a style description.
Once made, you add the new information to the style picker by
choosing the re-build option inside the style picker. This rebuilds
the binary file bbw.lsb from this file bbw.lst.

You can list a style more than once, for example Pop Ballad might be
listed under Jazz and Pop Ballad.
You can make your own categories. Like My Favorite styles, and build
up a list.
Example excerpt from the BBW.LST file:

@ZZJazzSW.STY&#92;Jazz Swing Style^This is the "built-in jazz swing
style"using bass, drums and piano. Bass plays half notes in 'a'
section and walks in 'b' section.*Satin Doll, Sweet Georgia Brown
@A.STY&#92;This is A^ How about this A style Useful for A songs
@BluHill.sty&#92;Blueberry Hill Style^This is Blueberry Hill*Fats Domino
@GARNER.STY&#92;Errol Garner Style^This is garner*I'll Remember april
@GARNER2.STY&#92;Errol Garner Style #2^This style is in 2 feel for a and
b*Sunny Side of The Street

3. There is a limit to the number of style files (255 ?) that can be

4. PG Music make their latest BBW.LST available for download from:
Go to:

5. Denis Laadouceur has a program called The Style Librarian
currently at version 1.5 and available from
which helps organise styles.

Has any one any comments, additions etc ?


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