Why do Band in a Box Midis sound different than downloaded MIDIs

Brian Boss

I have been downloading midis and they sound great they have the melodies and chords and sound very close to the original song. My complaint is when Band in a Box interprets these songs they go thru some changes and they end up sounding alot different. And then I hate to have to then find a perfect style like Medium rock even 8ths or something and then they clearly sometimes don't sound much like the original songs.Sometimes the melodies dissapear what was once clearly piano such as LA woman midi by the Doors becomes an organ and the sound of the song changes so much not usually for the better. Is there any way to keep a midi I download from internet, and after interpreting it's chords have it still retain the same sound . I want to burn some midis do these have to be rendered to wave files before I can burn them. I there a program other than Band in Box to change these files to wave. What is it? I want to know a style for Like A Rolling Stone. Anybody know a good style?

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