Re: What Software Should I Buy?

Bob 'Notes' Norton

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{SNIP}. I'm a guitar player who
is interested in putting my guitar track(s) plus vocals onto music
tracks. I've thought of buying software like "Band in a Box" to lay
down the drum and rhythm tracks, then put down a guitar track by
playing my guitar, then putting down a vocal track as well. I'm told
that I can't do this via "Band in a Box" as it only allows you to lay
down one track.
Band-in-a-Box is a great tool for laying down the rhythm tracks. You
can hear its output (using my styles) by playing the demo MIDI files
on my website

Band-in-a-Box does record audio, but that function is limited.

If you really want the best, use Band-in-a-Box to produce the
background tracks, then export the tracks as a MIDI file.

Import the MIDI file into a high-end sequencer with recording
capabilities (like Cakewalk). Tweak the MIDI files all you like, then
start recording your audio tracks.

Tha's my 2ยข

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Bob "Notes" Norton
owner, Norton Music

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