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Bob 'Notes' Norton

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... For a tryout, my first of
Bob Norton's disks sounds great,
Thanks, I appreciate the nice comment.

So, I went thru the first pages of BiaB basics and did the first
song. Then I thought, just for fun I'll pick a style I like (think
I'll change the instruments) and make a mini-song per instructions.
Starting with "NEW," I picked a style, entered auto-4-bar intro, the
chords for each bar, last chord after chorus for auto-2-bar ending.
I changed Standard Drums to Power Drums, Acoustic Bass to Slap Bass
2, Rhodes Piano to Piano 1w, and Muted the String part. Then I saved
this as a song, "test," in my BiaB Folder.

Woops: As soon as I hit PLAY, my song defaulted back to the Style's
original instrument parts.
After you have changed your instruments instead of hitting "Save", (1)
click "File" in the menu bar, and then (2) choose "Save Song With Patches
&Harmony" or use the keyboard shortcut ALT+F2.

When the dialog box appears, (3) click the button "Fill w/Patches". This
should enter your current patches into their respective instrument boxes.

(4) Then click the "Save" button in the dialog box that is open.

The next time you open the song, it should have the instruments you chose
instead of the default ones that came with the style.

This will not effect the instruments that are assigned to the style you
use, only the particular song that you saved.

I hope this solves your problem.

- - - - - - - - -
Bob "Notes" Norton
owner, Norton Music

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